Sunday, 27 November 2016

Parenting Tips - Edu-Paedia Pre-School

As a parent, we allow our children to play, we encourage our children to explore the world
through their senses. They learn and make sense of the world visually and kinesthetically. But
don’t they need to read and write. Oh. yes, they need to read, write, and listen. The world is also
about these skills. Understanding this, we have designed activities which will help you work with
your child and enhance these skills.
We have been emphasizing the need to spend quality time with young ones. We are sending
across a set of activities called ‘Home Connect’ which can be done with them at their pace. If they
enjoy something, let them do it at one go. If they are reluctant, do not push them but let them do it
when they feel ready. We want you to be the guide, motivator, and partner. Please support them,
share yourself through these activities, bond as a team and rediscover the joy of learning together
from the eyes of your child.
Is your child a talker, does he repeat like a parrot and then add some more? You are watching an
Auditory Learner who has a keen sense of sound. He can hear and make sense of words, enjoys
music, and inscribes the word in his brain. He loves to speak and enjoys talking
The child who loves to read, holds the newspaper upside down and pretends to read, that is our
Read Write Genius. Loves the written word and writes with ease. Maybe loves the Ipad or the
computer and putters around with it. Eventually they all get there but some faster and some a
little more slowly. Let’s be there for them in this journey.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Challenges of Parenting

Greetings from the family of Edu-Paedia. We are all in the technology era. Our children are technocrats. They love computers, are addicted to television. Our imaginative children creates stories, builds drama and allows fire eating dragons, bull headed ogres, talking fish and flying turtles to be their friends. They want action all the time. They want OVER STIMULATION and are bored by reality. They love the world of cartoons and films. They are VISUAL LEARNERS. Television can be an inquiry tool. Our kids can explore places and animals or things they will not come across naturally. They can learn new things or activities. Yet for all its advantages, TV encourages our kids to be couch potatoes. Their social skills are hampered. They forget to read; their language development is impeded. They are exposed to a lot of violence and negativity. They tend to become less energetic and lose their creativity. Let us ration the TV time. Let us watch TV with them. Television time can be bonding time. Story telling or reading together can replace TV time. Walk and play with your child. Let our kids enjoy reality rather than make believe. “Say no to TV”. We are organizing a session on „The joys and challenges of parenting‟ by Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, Chairman, Edu-Paedia at R.V. Institute of Management on the 19th November, 2016. Register and be a courageous and empowering parent …..

Warm regards,

Television – the entertainer and the spoiler

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Creative Teacher

That’s when Sister finally sat down and cried. She cried for Pramod and for all his friends who would never see him again.

Thus a creative teacher is just not an information provider but a person who stimulates his students to greater success by living the values that he/she preaches. A creative teacher has no option but to be a role model.

Creative teaching suggests a very different vision—teachers are knowledgeable and expert professionals and are granted creative autonomy to improvise in their classrooms. People generally choose to become teachers with this vision in mind. Creative teaching results in deeper understanding among learners, a form of learning that is more difficult to quantitatively assess; yet, close empirical studies of the discourse processes of collaboration have the potential to document these benefits. Implementing creative teaching will require serious, long-term investment in professional development for teachers and administrators, and basic improvements in pre-service teacher education. Yet it has the potential to result in brighter, more motivated, and more effective teachers, and to result in students with deeper understanding and improved creative and social skills.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to live long - Young at heart - a short story

Few months back we met an old man when attending some programme. He was very active roaming here and there , chatting with people , guiding them. We came to know from someone in the group that this old man is 98 years old. But he did not look that old and seemed to be around 60 years from outlook. In the same program there were few people of aged and 40 years who used to prattle about getting tired working around. This old man used to laugh at them and used to make fun of them how weak they are.

The old man's grandson met us and informed - "Sir , my grandfather last week celebrated his 98th birthday . Do you know how grand it was ? He took photos , Videos etc . Not even young children celebrate like that. Usually people who get old don't celebrate their birthday nowadays, we were curious to talk to this old man and met him and asked casually "Grandpa , you are going to hit century. Is-int it?" . The old man replied laughing - "100 years , yes definitely - there are only 2 years left" and patted hard on our back. By the time we relax from is pat he again said - "What is 100 after reaching 98 itself ?" and patted hard again. His pat had the effect which a 25 year old young person would had. We curiously asked , "Grandpa , we too want to live for 100 years - what should we do?". The old person replied - "Its very easy , first you live for 99 years , the 100th year comes by itself" . We  were surprised by the thoughts and enthusiasm this old man showed.

While this conversation went on , one young person who seemed to be sad sat with us . The old man asked - "What happened , why are you so sad?" . The young man said "Grandpa , today is not a good day for me - whatever I do everything is failing ?". The old person consoled him saying slowly - "Fool , how can a day be bad ? Your mind would have been bad. Every day is a miracle. If I had not lived that day , it would have not existed for me. That is why a day which exists if far better from a day which does not exists. Correct your mind. If you have failed , lost something - don't worry , work again on it with enthusiasm. Then that day becomes a good day for you."

We come across one set of - people when getting old think life is a heavy weight for them to carry further. The other set like this old man who lives every day with the same enthusiasm thinking that its God's miraculous gift. From this short story we understand , everything is inside our mind and heart. Its up to us to choose the right set.

Edu-paedia Pre-school Bangalore
Dr. Gururaja Karajagi